Hakeem Feroze Ahmed

Hakeem Feroze Ahmed (Fazil ul Tibb wal Jarahat FTJ), a registered Tabeeb from National Council Of Tibb, joined Pansari as our Virtual Online Hakeem to provide medicinal guidance to all of our customers. Hakeem Feroze started his tibb education from Tibbiya College Rawalpindi in 2011 and completed his studies in four years, and now is serving as a lecturer in the same college. Since early age he had a keen interest towards herbal medications as he saw his grandmother practicing remedies and apart from this he was also very much motivated towards natural and traditional treatment methods, which led him to major decision of his professional life and he decided that he will opt for this field and serve humanity in a more profound way.

Gradually as he stepped into the field of Traditional Tibb, like many other students he too developed a role model personality whose footsteps he wanted to follow, and that was the very renowned Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Shaheed.

Hakeem Feroze has sincerely dedicated himself towards achieving his dreams and he strongly believes that herbal medications have long lasting, effective, safest and economical results if proper trained practitioners are available with their recommendations. He says, “People are reverting back to this natural form of medicine but since they do not get expert advice they get mislead. The educational institutions should train and educate all the youngsters from primary level about basic health care.” He even mentioned that the purity of herbs is the best thing we can benefit as it has zero side effects and is worth it. The commercial treatment method is not easily available to all the classes hence, a patient ends up suffering from disease and anxiety of not being able to afford the hefty amounts of medicines. Comparatively, herbal medication is the best solution to this problem and anyone can afford it. Nature has wonderful treasures in it and we can certainly not ignore them. He wants maximum people to realize the importance of herbs and how they can change their health and head back towards fitness.

Team Pansari is glad to have Hakeem Feroze on our panel as we want our customers to be satisfied with the products they purchase from our store, along with the facility to get their queries answered and avail the option of an expert advice on various health issues.

Hakeem Feroze Ahmed