Aansa’s Blush ‘n’ Rush Spray

Aansa’s Blush ‘n’ Rush Spray

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Since the ancient times, Rose water started out as a part of Cleopatra’s skin care regime. The queen loved to use rose water, which made her skin soft and smooth, as a natural facial toner. It has claimed to be highly prized for its source of perfume, medicinal use, and nutritional properties. Its importance and potential in the skincare regimens is unmatched.

Aansa’s Blush ‘n’ Rush Spray will make you blush like a queen. Few drops of this rosy spray can reduce the size of pores, help balance your skin’s pH level, and reduce inflammation or irritation especially for people with sensitive skin. It is an excellent way to cleanse and soothe skin, leaving you with a healthy glow.


Spray it on the go whenever you want a dash of freshness on your skin. It can be used in the night, day, before makeup and just as a freshness toner after a bath.


Rose Water, Rose Hydrosol, Vitamin E Oil

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