Pansari's 100% Pure Pumpkin Seeds Oil

Pansari's 100% Pure Pumpkin Seeds Oil (Pansari Roghan e Kado)

  • پنساری روغن کدو

  • Best For Hair Care
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Prevents Prostate Cancer
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Increases Circulation
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The thought of pumpkins may have you itching for fall, lattes and pie, but you’re about to find out that pumpkin isn’t just for autumn anymore if you want to fight disease all year long, that is!

Pumpkin seed oil is a handy ingredient to keep around and use on a daily basis to improve your metabolic and physiological health, similar to benefit-rich black seed oil. Packed with tryptophan, unsaturated fatty acids and a high level of antioxidative substances, this silent champion provides a longlist of benefits to both men and women. When the oil from these little seeds is extracted at the right temperature, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Thanks to its high content of carotenoids and liposoluble vitamins, pumpkin seed oil has long been considered an ingredient appropriate for illness prevention, especially for prostate diseases. In addition to that well-known use, research has proved its effectiveness as a treatment for diabetes, anxiety and even cancer.

The World Health Organization recommends consuming pumpkin seeds as a useful way to obtain zinc, which is found in large quantities in the small seeds and maintained through the oil production process.

Pumpkin seed oil is a remarkably powerful source of health benefits including the ability to improve heart health, boost the appearance of your skin, improve circulation, strengthen the bones, prevent depression, stimulate hair growth, eliminate inflammation, balance hormones and protect the prostate. There are also a few side effects to using pumpkin seed oil, such as gastrointestinal distress, dangerously low blood pressure, and skin irritation, as well as unintended side effects for people who are allergic to pumpkins. For the majority of people, this versatile oil can provide a significant boost to their overall health, when used responsibly.

Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Oil:

Using pumpkin seed oil can benefit people dealing with poor circulation, anxiety, stress, depression, hair loss, inflammatory conditions, hormonal imbalances, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, various skin conditions and osteoporosis.

Hair Care:

Losing your hair is one sure sign of aging, but for men who are balding, studies have shown that regular use of pumpkin oil can stimulate hair growth by a considerable amount, helping to keep you look young, regardless of how old you are!

Improves Heart Health:

Pumpkin seed oil has one of the highest concentrations of polyunsaturated fats of any food source, and while fats are usually associated with being unhealthy, the body actually requires a certain amount of “good” fats to function normally. The oleic and linoleic acids found in pumpkin seeds can help lower blood pressure and balance cholesterol levels, protecting against atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and heart disease.

Prevents Prostate Cancer:

As men age, an enlarged prostate can often make urination painful or difficult and can increase your chances of developing prostate cancer. Fortunately, research on pumpkin seed oil has shown that it can improve urine flow and decrease inflammation of the prostate, protect men against one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

Reduces Inflammation:

The anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkin seed oil are well known, and when it comes to treating arthritis, the high content of fatty acids in this oil will aid joint lubrication and reduce the pain and discomfort associated with this chronic disease.

Skin Care:

The fatty acids found in pumpkin seed oil also boast antioxidant properties, so when this oil is topically applied, it is known to reduce skin inflammation, stimulate the growth of new cells, defend against infections and oxidative stress in skin cells, and generally improve the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes related to age. Pumpkin seed oil is also a rich source of vitamin E, which has powerful effects on skin appearance and texture.

Increases Circulation:

The anticoagulant nature of pumpkin seed oil will stimulate circulation by eliminating sluggish blood, lowering the risk of blood clots and improving oxygenation of extremities and organ systems, which will further boost their function.

Relieves Anxiety & Depression:

Although the research is limited, some anecdotal evidence shows that regular consumption of this oil can improve feelings of depression and boost mood by lowering stress hormone levels in the body. You can consume small amounts of pumpkin seed oil to enjoy this benefit, or apply the oil to your temples, neck or chest.

Balances Hormones:

When this powerful oil is used by women who are menstruating or going through menopause, a reduction in symptoms has been documented, including less severe menstrual cramps, less noticeable mood shifts and a decrease in hot flashes. This is primarily due to the phytoestrogens and phytosterols present in pumpkin seed oil.

Increases Bone Strength:

Omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in significant numbers within pumpkin seed oil, are known to support bone health, in addition to the other vitamins and minerals that are needed to prevent osteoporosis and ensure good bone mineral density as we age.

Side Effects Of Pumpkin Seeds:

Some of the side effects of using pumpkin seed oil include gastrointestinal distress, possible skin inflammation, and heart issues, but generally speaking, very few side effects are reported. If used in appropriate amounts, or diluted if necessary, pumpkin seed oil is safe and does not have any known toxicities. For internal consumption, no more than two teaspoons per day (800 mg) are required for the therapeutic benefits of this oil; most people find that consuming 1 teaspoon per day is adequate.


NB: Pansari's Pumpkin Seed oil is pure oil and can be used for edible purposes too. 

The information is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • Adate
    Amjad IqbalVerified Buyer
    I recommend this oil for bald people. Don't be fool by other market oils. Use it and enjoy
    Aug 23, 2020 13:21:43
  • Sdate
    SameerVerified Buyer
    Is it unrefined
    Is it filtered? Is it refined?
    Jan 26, 2020 10:54:54