Pansari's 100% Pure Egg Oil

Pansari's 100% Pure Egg Oil (Baizah Murgh Oil)

  • روغن بیضہ مرغ

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Egg Oil

Egg oil has been used for hair care, skincare and burns for thousands of years. Egg oil is a high quality and functional source of cholesterol. The topical application of cholesterol found in egg oil helps to improve the condition of the skin. Egg oil nourish, moisturise and restore the health of damaged and colour treated hair. Egg oil may also help to reduce premature hair loss. Egg oil is rich in essential fatty acids including Omega-3, DocosaHexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Omega-6 essential fatty acid.

The antioxidants (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) which are present in the egg oil help to increase the hydration in your scalp and hair. It may help to prevent ageing of your locks. They also increase the supply of oxygen in your scalp and help strengthen your hair roots, which make your hair strong and darker.


Egg oil has been used in traditional cosmetics since the eleventh century. Several popular modern cosmetic brands contain egg oil.

Hair care

Egg oil is widely used in medicine for hair care to treat hair fall, dandruff, grey hair and frizzy hair. The fatty acids in egg oil may stimulate hair growth, combate inflammation, prevent hair loss, regenerate hair follicles and provide antioxidants. The cholesterol in egg oil control frizz and dandruff. It makes your hair more shiny, smooth and strong.  


Skin care

Egg oil can be used as a carrier oil in a variety of cosmetic preparations such as creams, ointments, sun-screen products, treatment of sunburn or lotions.egg oil acts as an emollient, moisturizer, anti-oxidant, skin penetration enhancer, skin conditioner, and anti-bacterial agent.


Egg oil has anti-aging properties. It is loaded with antioxidants which helps to reduce scarring and appearance of aging signs. 

Cuticle Softener

Egg oil has been used as a cuticle softener and to reduce the peeling of nails. Egg oil may help to improve the overall appearance of nails. 


Egg oil was traditionally used in treating wounds and injuries. It has the properties which helps to heal the wounds quickly.

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